Gateway to College National Network builds the capacity of colleges, school districts, and states to revolutionize education for high school dropouts and underprepared college students so that all young people can achieve college credentials. Our strategies include:

Creating and replicating innovative programs

  • Gateway to College helps high school dropouts (ages 16-21) and students on the verge of dropping out to earn a high school diploma while also earning college credits.
  • Project DEgree helps underprepared college students (ages 18-26) accelerate their progress through developmental education and on to transfer-level college courses.

Building partnerships that connect K-12 and higher education institutions and communities

Influencing systems by creating change agents who are transforming instruction and student support practices from the inside out

Conducting research and sharing what we know about successfully serving high school dropouts and academically underprepared college students

Helping effect policy and regulatory changes to ensure that Gateway to College and other alternative education models are available in every community that needs them

Providing customized consulting services to colleges and school districts

The National Network also provides training, technical assistance, and professional development opportunities to Gateway and Project DEgree programs across the country. In some cases, we offer start-up grants or local fundraising assistance to help community and technical colleges implement our programs.

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