[SE Programs] Gateway Changed My Life: Annielyn's Story

Friday, May 22, 2015

HCC_MS-Annielyn-Null-Prom-2014-2-ADJOriginally posted on Hinds Community College News Blog on June 5th, 2014

Survival takes precedence. You can’t focus on education when you’re hungry or the rent is due.

Annielyn worked two jobs throughout high school. She had to earn a living to support herself and family, and high school had to take a backseat. Seriously behind in school, her counselor referred her to Gateway.

Through the Gateway to College program at Hinds Community College, Annielyn got not only a second chance to graduate from high school, she racked up 21 college credits in the process. She was one of 31 Mississippi students who received high school diplomas through Hinds Community College’s Gateway to College program in 2014.

“Gateway to College changed my life,” said Annielyn. “I saw myself falling off the deep end and Gateway to College wanted to change that. The first week was the hardest but I soon realized I wasn’t alone in this. Everyone in the program was there for a reason, just like me. No one was judging anyone, and it was the nicest thing I’d ever seen.

“Every student accepted in Gateway has been given a second chance — a chance to prove everyone who has doubted them was wrong.  We have been given this chance to keep going and make something of ourselves.”

Annielyn graduated from Gateway to College with her full high school diploma and credit towards her college degree in 2014.

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