Meet Eden Shaveet, Gateway Student Voice Writer from Mount Wachusett Community College

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Who I am:

Hi, my name is Eden Shaveet. I’m an 18-year-old aspiring psychologist from Hubbardston, Massachusetts, who was born in Petah Tikva, Israel, in 1997. I love to travel and consider myself a fierce social and political activist. As an advocate for community outreach, I also volunteer as a mentor for a children’s program whose objective is to emphasize behavioral and emotional well-being. My passions lie within the field of social sciences and in educating others on the importance of empathy and non-judgement. I believe that education has the power to open minds to a seemingly infinite potential, as well as open doors to a vast range of opportunity. The experience of being a Gateway to College student has provided such opportunities to me, along with countless other students from innumerable eclectic backgrounds. My hopes for this blog are to share my experiences as a Gateway to College student, to pass along advice, detail stories, and to initiate important dialogues about our society and how emerging situations affect us as youth, students, and human beings.

Why I came to Gateway:

My discovery of the Gateway to College program came at a despairing point in my life where I had essentially relinquished any hope of finding happiness or success in my academics. After leaving conventional school and spending 4 years in social seclusion, I was convinced that my life would continue to fall into a downward spiral of depression and skill-based inferiority as I sat on the sidelines, watching the rest of my peers excel in their social and scholastic settings. Gateway to College gave me the chance to redeem myself and pursue opportunities that would help sculpt me into the person I am today. The experiences I’ve come across as a Gateway student have allowed me to attain my once-distant aspirations and encouraged me to develop a sense of fortitude and resolution that once seemed insurmountable. Although the road from troubled teen to successful student has not been an easy one, I have Gateway to thank for helping me find my way.

Where I want to go from here:

Once graduated from Gateway, I would like to go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology, attend graduate school to earn advanced degrees, then complete postdoctoral studies in neuroscience. I intend to become a neuropsychologist whose focus lies within research and clinical work in regards to the treatment of mental illness. I would like to establish a wellness center dedicated an all-encompassing approach to treating mental illness, in which individualized wellness plans are designed for each patient and their specific needs. Depending on such, patients could be matched with a slew of professionals such as psychotherapists, nutritionists, life-coaches, personal trainers, meditation experts, clinical physicians, yoga instructors, aromatherapists, career counselors, herbalists, hypnotherapists, prescribers, mental-health counselors, social workers, voice pathologists, massage therapists, and virtual-reality specialists (for purposes of emersion therapy via the oculus rift) on an as-needed basis who all work together in a team to guide and assist the patient through their particular coping process. This would ensure that all factors contributing to any certain mental complication could be addressed, from both an internal and external perspective.

Had it not been for Gateway, the confidence I have in this goal would be non-existent. 

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