Student Profiles: Metropolitan Community College

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Gateway to College at Metropolitan Community College is made up of students from all backgrounds. Most of our students face serious struggles, but many of them rise above and find success. These student profiles present a picture of how our students persist and ultimately graduate.

“I think the program was a good fit for me because it had everything to help me accomplish my goals I wanted to accomplish. It helped me get started on my college career.” -Felicia

Jennie became a GtC student in the fall of 2012 and will graduate this spring. She left traditional high school to care for her family. Jennie was very close to finishing her graduation requirements when she made this decision and came to us as an eager 20-year-old with a history of great grades and honors classes. She spent two quarters working with GtC to finish her last few credits and begin her college career, while working part time to support her family. Her strong work ethic and personality will continue to help her as she pursues her academic interests after graduation.

TaQuila joined the GtC program in the fall of 2012. She really did not need very many credits to graduate but was eager to be in college and reengage with her education. She didn’t always fit in the high school classroom and found every reason she could to skip class and stay home. The small environment and quiet halls of the GtC building were alluring to TaQuila as she came to learn about the program. She found success in the college classes she took and is eager to walk at commencement and begin her studies in health care.

“Gateway has helped me find where I want to be in life and helped me find the steps necessary to get me there.” -Steve

Gerard came to GtC after finding himself too far behind to graduate high school on time. Gerard takes on a lot of responsibilities, but continues to grow each quarter. He works a number of jobs, is involved in his parish, is a diligent student, and loves his roles in his family. Gerard’s dedication to his job and genuine eagerness to please earned him a newspaper story and a national award for job excellence. Gerard is on target to graduate.

Amber just had a child. She started the GtC program in the spring of 2012 and plans to graduate this summer. Since becoming a mom, Amber has decided to step up her credit earning abilities and has worked with multiple alternative pathways to finish up what she started so many years ago. Her drive has earned her acceptance to a local university. She is so excited to transfer credits and continue her academic career in the fall.

“Gateway to College was the perfect option for me since high school wasn’t. The values and habits taught to me will follow me everywhere I go.” -Jose
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