Why Join Us at the Summer Enrollment Conference? Enrollment Project Testimonials

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


“One of the great advantages of being a part of the Gateway National Network (GtCNN) is the collegial sharing of good ideas.  Although the successes of Camden Gateway are numerous and satisfying, our program’s sustainability has been truly enhanced as we reassessed our recruitment strategies/approaches to the potential population we serve.  This  GtCNN Enrollment project initiative has provided a unique opportunity for us to build new linkages with our community partners, as we reach out to the many students who are now ‘enrolled’ in the ‘college of the street corner’.

Dr. Irvin R Sweeney
Executive Director
Gateway to College
Camden County College
Camden, New Jersey

"Before the enrollment project our GtC team seem to do the same repetitive strategies of enrollment with small variations. The enrollment program gave us the tools and fresh ideas to greatly increase our enrollments. The most powerful tool of this program is bringing like-minded people together to solve a problem and share ideas.

In the past we greatly suffered from low enrollment numbers, now we have the opposite problem, but is a very nice problem to have-a waiting list. We are now filled to capacity and actually have a space issue that we have to put prospective students on a waiting list. We wish we could bring in more, so we are expanding our program to other South Texas College campuses.

If you want to increase your enrollment numbers, I greatly recommend attending this powerful event. This sole event can greatly impact your program."

Michael Wilson
Program Director
South Texas College
McAllen, Texas

"When I think of enrollment for our GTC program, I think of the many folks at the college who should be interested and want to assist me in this goal.  Then I realize that it may only be important to me because it has to do with my job (as others view it).  Is this true at your establishment?

If it is, then come to the Enrollment Conference this summer and learn new ways to increase your program impact and showcase why other others would want to help you succeed.  The enrollment project with GtCNN opened my eyes to discovering new ways to share our program and benefits to other programs here at the college.  This could be a new partnership opportunity for you right in your backyard.

Make it a priority and learn what YOU can change to help you grow your program.

See you in June at the conference."

Marci Skillings
Director, Gateway to College
Quinsigamond Community College

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