We can help you drive change and promote student success.


We have over 10 years of experience providing innovative educational programs for students across the country. Our consulting services help educators and institutions implement effective programs within community colleges.


We work with institutional leaders and administrators, faculty members, student service professionals, as well as other public education agencies to develop programs, processes, and curricula that encourage student engagement and holistic student support. Through our work, we help build institutional capacity to better serve students so that more young people attain college credentials.


How We Help

Our consulting services focus on operational excellence, evidence-based management and the organizational change process. We offer assessment and implementation services, participating in projects with institutions that are looking for assistance in implementing a program or innovation that they have deemed critical for their organization or because the institution has determined that they need to review their current practices to meet a specific objective or goal.


Assessment & Strategy

When implementing a new innovation, a college will often need to re-evaluate how they do business. GtCNN conducts individualized needs assessments that gives colleges detailed feedback on existing business protocols and the procedures in place around them, with recommendations for change in order to incorporate the target innovation. Assessment includes in-depth conversations to discuss the goals and objectives of the institution and department, likely including a site visit to review relevant department processes, recommendations and strategies on how to achieve those goals.


Implementation Support

If an institution has already determined what innovation, technology, or change it would like to implement, GtCNN will facilitate implementation and work with college project managers to provide change management capacity. When implementing a new innovation, colleges typically reassess everything from department budgets and goals to staff expectations. Coordinating change requires additional upfront investment in order to realize the benefits of the new work. This includes the development of implementation plans and regular review of progress towards milestones though on-site visits as well as on-demand phone and web-based collaboration.


Enrolling Out-of-School Youth

Enrolling out-of-school youth (OSY) in workforce or education reengagement programs can be a difficult task, largely related to challenges in finding these youth. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires that 75% of Youth Title I funding goes to OSY. Gateway to College has developed an Enrollment Strategic Planning Program with services that include providing strategic planning, action plans, and marketing materials for organization and communities to reengage their out-of-school youth. Learn More.

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