Nearly 20% of young people in our country do not complete high school on time. Many of those who do graduate are unprepared for the demands of the 21st century workplace or post-secondary education system.


In order to achieve equity for all students and meet the workforce needs of our economy, we must have an education system that ensures high school completion and equips students with skills and resources required for lifelong learning and success.


The Gateway to College National Network policy agenda reflects our work with communities to build additional pathways for disconnected youth to achieve a high school diploma and a meaningful college credential.


Reengagement for High School Completion


Youth who have dropped out of high school need relevant pathways to reengage with education.

  • States and school districts should be rewarded for reengaging out-of-school youth
  • Reengagement programs must feature robust opportunities for post-secondary success
  • Accountability systems should account for the challenges facing opportunity youth


Dual Enrollment and Genuine Post-Secondary Readiness


All students should receive robust college readiness curriculum and dual enrollment opportunities.

  • No student should be guided to pursue a high school diploma or GED as a terminal goal
  • Dual enrollment has the greatest benefit for students who would have otherwise not attended college; therefore, access must not be restricted to previously successful students


Personalized Post-Secondary Support


First generation and low-income students have dramatically higher rates of post-secondary success when they receive personalized, on-campus support including structured coaching and coordinated peer groups.

Post-secondary institutions must provide:


  • Services that foster students’ sense of belonging on campus
  • Personalized relationships with caring adults on campus featuring low student/staff ratios


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