The Gateway to College Presidents’ Circle is open to institutions and companies who seek to help Gateway to College National Network build more pathways to college and career for at-risk youth.


A minimum annual gift of $2,500 helps GtCNN improve programs, innovate and develop new approaches to serve students, and enables the National Network to raise awareness of our shared work in the community.


GtCNN’s work in evaluation, research, policy, communications, and professional development for Gateway practitioners depends on a diverse base of donors who care deeply about the future of our workforce and society. Presidents’ Circle members are a valuable part of this work.


Colleges and Companies in Gateway Presidents’ Circle will:


  • Be prominently acknowledged in Gateway to College printed and electronic publications, including select outreach materials and the Annual Report
  • Be part of focused social media outreach
  • Have the opportunity to participate in national and regional media outreach with key GtCNN partners which could include AACC, Opportunity Nation, America’s Promise, Clinton Global Initiative America, American Graduate Day, and other influential coalitions or industry efforts
  • Receive discounted or complimentary attendance in signature professional development activities


How to join the Gateway Presidents’ Circle


Please contact us for more information, and Download this information sheet.



Presidents’ Circle Members

John J. Sbrega, PhD


Bristol Community College


“Gateway to College offers opportunities for young people to return to pathways in education.  By simultaneously earning a high school credential and some college credits, Gateway students enjoy brighter prospects for the future.  I am proud of our work in this valuable program which invests in young people and our communities.”

– Dr. John J. Sbrega

Rob Denson, JD


Des Moines Area Community College


"There is no greater work we do than to reconnect youth with the vast opportunities that America holds, starting with a high school diploma and college credit. It's never about what you've done, it's about what you are going to do. The blessings are worth the effort, for a lifetime."

- Rob Denson

Merrill Irving Jr., EdD


Hennepin Technical College


Bill Messner


Holyoke Community College


“Gateway to College epitomizes what Holyoke Community College is all about; providing open access to education, irrespective of background, past failures or other metrics. Gateway to College students are a diverse group, but they share the desire to transform their lives and the determination to achieve their goals. It is a privilege to be a part of this important work.”

-  Bill Messner


Jack E. Daniels, III, PhD


Madison College


“Closing the achievement gap challenges us to examine the realities of our communities. When our technical and community colleges channel our collective sense of social responsibility and our abundant resources of talent for a shared purpose, great things happen. This program is proof of that.”

-  Dr. Jack E. Daniels, III

Charlie Wall, PhD


Massasoit Community College


“We at Massasoit Community College have seen firsthand the life-changing impact the Gateway to College program has on students. Since the first class entered in Fall 2007, our Gateway program has been re-engaging youth from numerous communities in the education system, getting more than 172 graduates onto a path toward better lives for themselves and their families. Massasoit Community College is proud to contribute to Gateway’s continued empowerment of students.”

-  Dr. Charlie Wall

Randy Schmailzl


Metropolitan Community College


“Since 2010, Metro has been proud to provide Gateway to College students with opportunity and access to reengaging with their education. We have seen hundreds of off-track students pass through our doors, receive the support and dedication they deserve, and graduate with bright futures. We are proud to support the Gateway to College program.”

-  Randy Schmailzl

James L. Vander Hooven, EdD


Mount Wachusett Community College


“Gateway to College empowers students to move their lives forward by taking ownership of their education. I have seen firsthand the transformative properties this program has on our students and their communities. Since becoming the first Gateway site in New England in 2006, 300 students have completed their high school education and college credits within the supportive environment created by our faculty and staff.”

-  Dr. James L. Vander Hooven

Eileen Holden, EdD


Polk State College


“Gateway gives students the power to redefine themselves. The students in this program believe they will never be ‘college material.’ With Gateway, these students are made to see that their pasts have no bearing on their futures. Not only can they be ‘college material,’ they can be college graduates.”

- Dr. Eileen Holden

Gail E. Carberry, EdD


Quinsigamond Community College


“I am proud of our participation with the Gateway to College initiative. It complements our mission to bring access to higher education to those in need, and allows us to directly impact some of those individuals who need us most. Our gateway students benefit when they earn their diploma. We all benefit when our gateway graduates continue to earn their Associate degrees and enter the workforce, further their education or start their own business ventures.”

- Dr. Gail E. Carberry

Rassoul Dastmozd, PhD


Saint Paul College


“Saint Paul College is dedicated to ensuring lifelong learning and success for our Gateway to College students. The program provides Saint Paul youth with the opportunity to reconnect with education, and put them on pathways to graduating from high school and earning their college degree. We are proud to join the Gateway to College National Network Presidents’ Circle and support this important program.”

- Dr. Rassoul Dastmozd

Frank Chong, EdD


Santa Rosa Junior College


"This is the second college to which I’ve brought Gateway to College. I've seen close up what a successful model Gateway to College is. It’s innovative, honest, powerful and it works."

- Dr. Frank Chong

John B. Cook, PhD


Springfield Technical Community College


"The Gateway to College Program is a win-win for our college, and for our area school districts. Through this type of unique partnering, we combine the best of our talents and resources toward helping students with enormous potential. We are pleased to support this collaboration, and embrace efforts drawing together K-12 and higher education institutions."

- Dr. John B. Cook

Gateway to College National Network is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. EIN 32-0237828.


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