Gateway to College National Network research has a dual purpose of informing practice at our 41 programs and contributing to our field at large. Our research leaves us uniquely positioned to understand the strengths and needs of disengaged youth. All of our research projects result in recommendations for practice, while providing a direct voice for students to help inform our field.


GtCNN Network Profile

Network Profile References

The Purpose of the Network Profile is to highlight the accomplishments Gateway programs made in the 2014-15 academic year and provide a representation of our network’s impact. Gateway to College National Network is committed to using data-driven decision making practices to better serve our nation’s opportunity youth. With the assistance of local program staff, the National Network collects course-level outcome data for every Gateway to College student nationwide for the purpose of continuous improvement.


Gateway to College: Student Technology Survey

Executive Summary

In 2014 GtCNN partnered with Pacific Research and Evaluation to examine technology use and access for GtC students. We ultimately wanted to know if GtC students follow national trends. The survey findings show that generally our students do follow national trends: Over 80% of students reported owning a smartphone, 95% have either a smartphone or cellphone and 81% of students have either a desktop or laptop. The appendices for the report are available upon request from Devora Shamah.

Supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York

September 2015

Pacific Research and Evaluation, LLC


The Importance of Location in Understanding the Academic Success of Gateway to College Students Report

Executive Summary

The socioeconomic character of the United States is unevenly distributed among the country’s diverse places. This research highlights those inequalities and situates the students enrolled in a Gateway to College program within this landscape.

Supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York

January 2015

Nicholas Quintus


Slowing the Summer Slide: The Benefits of Summer Enrollment for Dual Enrollment Students at Community Colleges

For primary and secondary students, the time away from school in the summer is recognized as a contributor to the achievement gap between low income students and their more affluent peers. Less is known about the effects of summer enrollment for college students. This research shows that summer enrollment is associated with higher course passage, first year persistence, and graduation for Gateway to College students.

May 2014

Devora Shamah, Ph.D.

Aubrey Perry


Student Success Plan: Constructing an Evidence-Based Student Support System that Promotes College Completion

Colleges have the opportunity to do more than just deliver course content. They can make dramatic impacts on the lives of their students and the wider community. Id paper reviews the literature related to the implementation of Student Success Plan as one way to  intentionally encourage student engagement, provide structured pathways, and implement holistic student support to provide more opportunities for students to achieve and persist towards college completion.

April 2013

Devora Shamah, Ph.D.

Sarah Ohlsen, M.A.


Gateway to College Evaluation of Postsecondary Attainment Graduates

Highlights from the Report

Pacific Research & Evaluation (PRE) conducted a study to assess the life pathways and post-secondary attainment of Gateway to College graduates. While the immediate outcomes of the program offer substantial evidence of success, the secondary goal of the program is to position youth to continue in post-secondary education after graduating from GtC with a high school diploma. The research shows 73% of the survey respondents attended post-secondary education (PSE) after GtC.

June 2012

Steven Rider, Ph.D.

Katie Winters, M.A.

Terra Neilson, B.A., B.S.W.


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