The Gateway to College program helps students who have either dropped out or are on the verge of dropping out of high school.


Through Gateway to College, you can earn your high school diploma and college credits at the same time. Many of our graduates go on to finish AA degrees and transfer to four year colleges.


A high school diploma is necessary to make a living wage, but many students face obstacles on their path to graduation. Without a diploma, young people face a challenging future with few job opportunities, low wages, and limited health care. Gateway to College is designed as an alternative for students when traditional high school isn't working for them.


How Gateway Works


Gateway to College is for 16-21 year olds who have either dropped out of high school or are on the verge of dropping out and are interested in returning to school and completing their high school diploma. Students simultaneously accumulate high school and college credits, earning their high school diploma while progressing toward a certificate or Associates degree.


How Much Does Gateway Cost?


Students admitted in the Gateway to College program will receive a scholarship for tuition and books.


Gateway Provides Wrap-Around Support


Gateway to College staff are committed to providing the support necessary for educational success. New students join a learning community, composed of a group of students who take all of their first quarter courses together. In the Foundation term, students are paired with a Resource Specialist who acts as an academic coach. The resource specialist guides students through the college experience as an academic advisor, instructor, and a mentor. They assist students with different facets of the college experience, everything from teaching students about careers and time management to providing referrals to community resources.


Gateway Students Prepare for College


Typically, during the Foundation quarter students take reading, writing, and math, plus a college strategies class where students learn how to take effective notes, study for tests, and juggle school, work, and family life. After successfully completing the Foundation term, students are placed into the appropriate second term of either academics and support classes or technical and support classes. Students who had little chance of even graduating from high school are earning their diplomas and succeeding in college. They are pursuing college degrees and challenging careers. In short, they are reinventing themselves for a better future.


How to Apply


Gateway to College National Network does not enroll students. To learn how to apply to Gateway to College, find a Gateway to College Program, where you will find a map of our programs and an alphabetical list by state. Each program page has contact information and a link to the college's Gateway to College page, where you will find specific instructions on how to apply.

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