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Gateway to College programs enjoy resources that are available by being part of a national network. These resources including data analysis, trainings and convenings, communication resources, and access to colleagues on regional and national levels.

Network Data


Each year, Gateway to College National Network provides individual Program Data Dashboards, followed by a network Data Book. Program’s Data Dashboard helps them track their progress on a year-to-year basis, while comparing their outcomes to the average results of their fellow Gateway program around the country. The Data Book is an annual publication that reports key results and trends from the across the network, while giving programs a tool to share their results with their college and school district partners.


Trainings and Convenings


The Gateway to College National Network office works with programs to identify and fund training opportunities and convenings that will bring additional value to local programs. These trainings include our Peer Learning Conference, Directors' Convening, and the Summer Enrollment Conference, held as part of an ongoing effort to provide resources and strategy for programs to improve their enrollments. Regionally, Gateway to College programs bring program leadership and students together to discuss academic trends and opportunities in their states and regions. In Oregon and Washington, the Northwest Student Leadership Conference has become an opportunity for students from four programs to work together on leadership skills over the course of two days.

“Many of these students have never seen themselves as ‘leaders’…and we saw a sense of pride and purpose emerge in each of them.”

Communication Resources


The National Network Communication Office works to provide additional value to programs in the form of program web pages, by creating templates for program-specific annual reports and press releases, and by helping programs share their successes with local communities and the entire Gateway network.


Gateway Live


If you’re with a Gateway to College program, be sure to log in and discover many of the resources available at Gateway Live.