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Learn to implement the Pathways to Success intervention to

increase student motivation.

About the Training

Dr. Daphna Oyserman began her research career with youth in low-resourced communities, both those who succeed and those who do not. Two youth can come from the same background, the same neighborhood, have the same ethnic identity, yet one excels in school while the other does not. What is the difference? This question set into motion Dr. Daphna Oyserman’s life work and 20+ years of research on Identity-based Motivation. She found both students have a vision of their desired future self, the successful student has both a feared (to be avoided) and a desired future self. The successful student knows both what they are moving toward and what they are moving away from. Student demographics cannot be changed, but with the right facilitation, students can increase their motivation, change their behavior, envision possible future selves, and develop the strategies to succeed academically and in life.


Oyserman, proceeded to develop the Pathways to Success intervention based on her research, which is a psychological intervention to change student behavior. Over the course of 11 one-hour sessions, students identify their possible selves in career, family, community, and lifestyle and connect their schooling and other strategies to those goals. In randomized control trials, Dr. Oyserman and her team found positive effects on attendance, persistence, and grades that were still present two years after the intervention. Currently the intervention is being used by Gateway to College programs in Washington, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts. The Washington Gateway to College Programs presented their experiences with the program at the 2016 PLC.


This training is geared toward directors and the resource specialists/instructors who will implement the intervention. Over the course of the training we will do the intervention itself and then work through implementation and best practices for the intervention with the Gateway to College student population. Upon completion of the training, participants will be ready to implement the intervention with their own students. Please contact Devora Shamah with questions about the intervention or the training,, 971-634-1203.



Location: Laney College, 900 Fallon St, Oakland, CA 94607

Dates: August 8-9, 2017, 9am-4 pm each day