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Replication Process

Since 2003, Gateway to College has expanded to 43 colleges in 23 states. Gateway to College National Network is interested in bringing its unique model to more communities and students.

New Gateway network members are selected through a rigorous discovery and selection process, which includes meetings with National Network staff both at an existing Gateway program and at the applicant college, submission of a letter of interest, and a budget review. Since Gateway to College represents a partnership between colleges and their local school districts, the application requires the participation of school district leadership.

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Once colleges are selected, they immediately begin hiring program staff who participate in intensive planning and training in preparation for program opening the following fall. Colleges use per-pupil funds from their local K-12 education partners to cover the cost of student tuition, books, and on-going student support.

New Gateway programs are supported by training, technical assistance, coaching, and program evaluation provided by National Network staff.

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