Students who see college as a "me thing" can and do succeed.

About the Training

Gateway to College National Network, in partnership with OSPI and College Spark Washington, is hosting a two-day professional development event for educators and social workers to learn about a valuable education intervention based on the theory of identity-based motivation called School to Jobs.


The School-to-Jobs intervention sets students up for success by connecting students’ present day achievement in school with their future career goals in a way that is relevant and identity congruent.


School-to-Jobs is a data-supported, semester long intervention that was developed by psychologist and Dean’s Professor Dr. Daphna Oyserman (USC) after over 30 years of research and numerous random control trials in Detroit Public Schools, Chicago Public Schools, Israel, and Singapore. Oyserman is a researcher and psychologist first and developed this classroom intervention to be easy to implement by the educator/counselor and to be experienced as nonthreatening, inclusive, and relevant by the student. The program, when implemented with marginalized youth and the general population, has been shown to yield results including increased attendance, increased persistence, increased academic performance, decreased levels of depression, and increase perceived relevancy in education.


School-to-Jobs is a curriculum that consists of 10-12 sessions designed to be taught in 45-60 minute blocks. Despite being only 10-12 sessions, students receiving the intervention continue to out-perform control groups one and two years after the intervention. In order to implement with fidelity, educators must work with a consistent set of students over a duration of time. The program can be implemented in as short as two weeks and as long as a semester.


In academic year 2015/2016, Gateway to College piloted this intervention in Washington State with three early college programs that work with opportunity youth. We are now seeking to expand the impact of this project across the state of Washington and within our broader network.



Location: Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Kirkland, WA

Dates: August 18-19, 2016

OSPI Professional Development Hours: 16