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At Gateway to College we elevate our students’ voices

To bring change, we must listen to our students' powerful stories. This collection of student interviews, videos, and student-produced work helps share the importance of our work.

Open Your Gateway to College

For many students, life gets complicated and completing a high school diploma just isn't a reality. Gateway to College helps these students earn a diploma and college credits simultaneously.

Gateway To College (GtC) [where i want to be] Lido Mack ft. Michael Raptor

An inspirational song for those who are trying to find the road to success, join Gateway to College (GTC) at South Texas College (STC) or any other 42 locations across the United States to find your Gateway to College!

Gateway To College at Portland Community College

Gateway to College started at Portland Community College in 2000. Gateway is a program for youth between the ages of 16-20 who have struggled in high school and have not yet earned a high school diploma.

Gateway To College at Donnelly College

Gateway to College serves young people, 16-20, who have left the Kansas City, Kansas Public School District without a diploma or are significantly behind in credits for their age and unlikely to graduate.

Gateway to College at Metropolitan Community College

High School dropout students return to school through the Gateway to College program and explain how they are earning a high school diploma and college credits at the same time.

Gateway To College at Laney College

Gateway to College is a scholarship program that provides academically and economically disenfranchised Alameda County residents 16 to 20 years old with an opportunity to experience success in an academically rigorous, supportive and safe environment as they pursue their high school diplomas.

Gateway To College at Lake Washington Institute of Technology

We are now a part of the Gateway to College National Network! The Gateway to College program helps students who have dropped out or are on the verge of dropping out to earn a high school diploma.

Gateway To College on American Graduate Day Sept 27, 2014

Host Wes Moore interviews Lauren S. Johnson, the Director of Development at Gateway to College National Network, Nicole Yip, a Student, and Leah Gibson, Alumna/Volunteer Gateway to College.