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Gateway to College serves a diverse group of out-of-school youth who have either dropped out of high school or who are significantly off track in their studies.


Whether through our core programs or in the work we do to bring stakeholders together, Gateway to College National Network serves young people who have not thrived in a traditional high school setting. Nationally, these disconnected youth (opportunity youth), defined as 16 to 24 year olds who are neither in school nor employed, number 6.7 million.


Every Gateway to College student has a unique story about how they came to the program. Some students found themselves out of school and in need of another opportunity to complete their degree and pursue a postsecondary credential. Others found that their traditional high school setting did not provide the holistic support they needed to be successful. All of our graduates share stories that are a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, and support from caring adults.


Arianna couldn’t stand to miss a day of elementary school in Riverside, California.  When she was sick, she’d go anyway, telling her grandmother Pauline that she was healthy ...  Read More

Thankfully, I experienced Gateway to College, or else I probably would have never regained my love for learning. I discovered that learning comes in many forms to those who have curiosity ... Read More

What I’m going to tell you describes my experience at Gateway, but is mainly just a love story. Before the age of seventeen, I didn’t understand the concept of academic success. ... Read More


From the 42 Gateway to College Programs (2013-14 Academic Year)