Director, Research & Evaluation

Dr. Devora Shamah is Senior Manager of Research.  She has been part of the Research and Evaluation Team since 2009. At GtCNN, she assists with ongoing analysis as part of our continuous improvement work, conducts research projects and consults with community colleges around student success for underserved and previously disengaged youth. Current research and evaluation projects focus on student support, positive youth development, and program improvement. One of her current research projects specifically examines the ways youth negotiate challenges at home with school responsibilities. In addition to her responsibilities at GtCNN, Devora teaches adolescent development at Oregon State University.

Devora’s training is in Human Development. She has conducted research on educational, career, and family aspirations; sense of purpose; and identity development in adolescents. Prior to working at GtCNN, she taught at an alternative middle school. Devora holds a BA in Communications from U.C. San Diego, an M.S. T. (masters in teaching) from the University of Chicago, and a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies from Oregon State University. 971-634-1203

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