Founder & Managing Partner, Labrador Ventures

Larry Kubal has invested in seed and early stage information technology companies for the last 23 years. He is a founder of Labrador Ventures and serves as a managing partner of Labrador Ventures III, IV and V. Labrador was among the founding investors in Pandora Media, where Larry served on the board for seven years up to the IPO. In Addition, Larry currently serves as the Labrador representative with portfolio companies Altierre, PlayPhone, and RocketFuel.  He was named one of the top 100 venture capitalists in 2013.

In addition to his investment experience, Mr. Kubal was a management consultant with Booz, Allen & Hamilton, a global strategy and technology consulting firm. Prior to consulting, Mr. Kubal worked extensively in computerized database publishing for McGraw-Hill Publications Company and for the Academy for Educational Development. Mr. Kubal was also a founding executive with a venture-backed PC software company, Avalanche Technologies, ultimately acquired by Microsoft.

Larry has also served on the boards of a number of youth and education oriented non-profits.  Currently he is on the national board of CollegeSpring, a nonprofit that partners with schools and community organizations to help students from low-income backgrounds boost SAT scores, navigate college admissions and financial aid, and pursue college degrees. Larry chairs its Finance and Operations Committee.  In addition, he is also an innovation/entrepreneurship task force member for both Duke University and University School of Milwaukee.  Larry is a long time TEDster and a member of the NationSwell council. 

Larry received his undergraduate degree from Duke University (1974) and his MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business (1982).

Why Larry would like to join GtCNN:

“Education has always been a priority to me instilled by my parents. They were from immigrant backgrounds and both first generation college students. I am grateful for the many advantages afforded me. When I consider where to try to make change, there seems nothing more meaningful than changing the trajectory of a young person’s life. The impact of that change is magnified as it is projected through the individual’s adult life as well as through the ripples of all the people with whom he or she interacts. And where can trajectory change be more meaningful and needed than for a student off track or one who has never had the opportunity to be on track.  GtCNN appeals to me not only because of its mission but also because of 1.) its open-minded, intelligent, continual desire to improve culture and 2.) its position as an organization at an inflection point with all the attendant challenges and opportunities that that entails.”

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