Senior Manager, Education Services

Prentice Davis is the Senior Manager of Education Services. Prentice directs the planning and implementation of new Gateway to College programs, supports GtCNN’s national certification efforts, and serves as the organization’s point person for our engagement in Massachusetts. He is also engaged in a number of supportive projects aimed at improving program outcomes for GtC programs nationally. Prentice joined GtCNN in 2006 and was part of the successful spin-off into a separate nonprofit organization in 2008.

Prior to joining Gateway, Prentice spent more than 10 years in Human Resources with companies such as the Portland Trail Blazers and United Parcel Service. While working as a Recruiting Manager, Prentice led training workshops for various youth and adult outreach programs, and served on a business advisory board for a local nonprofit. Throughout his professional life, Prentice has been dedicated to issues surrounding education and employment of vulnerable youth. He holds a BS in Psychology and a Minor Certificate in Cultural Studies from Portland State University. Prentice also earned an Associate of Science from Portland Community College (PCC). In 2010, Prentice was a recipient of PCC’s Diamond Alumni Award at the celebration of PCC’s 50th anniversary, and was honored to be part of this recognition of 50 outstanding alumni. 971-634-1210

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